Experienced Leadership

for Millbrae

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Anne's Priorities

BUILD economic strength & diversity

RESTORE the Recreation Center

ENSURE public safety

I am proud to be a member of the Millbrae City Council and want to continue my service. If re-elected, I will maintain my focus on improving Millbrae’s economic status, replacing the Recreation Center, and ensuring public safety.

Millbrae’s financials have improved over the last five years and as a community we are making improvements to our infrastructure and downtown. I will continue to engage with business owners on the revitalization of our commercial sectors, and work with property owners and developers to bring a mix of businesses to generate new revenue for the city to further these improvements.

We all know a fire destroyed our beloved Recreation Center. Millbrae has embarked on a community-driven process to design a 21st-century replacement. I will work hard to make our vision a reality while protecting taxpayer dollars and seeking multiple funding sources to help us achieve our goals.

Millbrae is a safe community with a small-town feeling. To preserve these qualities, I will continue my efforts to provide our public-safety services with the resources, personnel, training, and innovation needed to get the job done and help us continue to attract and retain the best public-service members.

Great things are happening in Millbrae! Our location at the heart of Silicon Valley and San Francisco business zones, our transportation hub, and our community-minded spirit are some of the strengths I know we can leverage to build a stronger future. I am grateful to be your Councilmember and respectfully ask for your vote in this election.